FonoChat for Women

Fonochat is the place to enjoy instant phone chats with sexy, local Latinos. Call in for good conversations with great guys in your area that there are familiar with your culture plus it’s free for women-you never pay to meet new people. It’s secure because we don’t ask for your information, so it’s safe to relax and have fun at Fonochat!

Why Use FonoChat?

  • FonoChat is always free for women. Yay for not having to pay!
  • Yes amigas, these are real guys, there’s NO paid operators.
  • Instant access to connect with Latinos calientes in your city (or other cities too!)
  • Get right to it: skip the texting and chat with guys to know if you like what you hear.
  • The only people on the line are you and your man. Every call is private and unmonitored.
  • You’re safe and in control – go ahead and let yourself have fun.

How to Use FonoChat

Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Using FonoChat

Laughter, conversation, and fun shouldn’t have to wait. FonoChat celebrates Hispanic culture’s passion and lets you connect with sexy, local latin men immediately. FonoChat is whatever you want it to be – flirt, date, or meet -- it is now simple and safe to connect men who are just like you.
What are the men on FonoChat like?
Latin men on FonoChat are lively, confident, and fun. These quality guys are looking to chat with great women in their cities – don’t keep them waiting!
What does it cost?
FonoChat is always free for ladies. You will never be asked for any credit card information; your fun is always on us! All women qualify for a free membership, which gives you more options and a more valuable experience.
Do women need a membership?
Ladies can use FonoChat to chat anytime, but we highly recommend the membership because we want you to have a better experience! Instead of having to record a new greeting every time you call, a free membership gives you the convenient benefit of stored messages, favorites list, access from any phone, and much more.

Female Memberships

It’s great to be a Hispanic woman on FonoChat! We give Free Membership to our female callers. You can use our phone chat service for free without membership, but why not enjoy the benefits a free membership brings?

Save great guys on your Hot List, get messages while you are offline, save your greetings (so you don't have to re-record messages each time you log on), and send priority messages so that hot guys hear yours first! These are just some of the perks in Free Membership for women. All the benefit, at no extra cost. You have nothing to lose – with a free membership; you enjoy both great guys and a better experience on FonoChat!

Easy Steps to Start Your Free Female Membership:

  • 1


    Call FonoChat 703-652-0230 Not in Ashburn? Get your number here.
  • 2


    After identifying yourself as female, press ‘1’ to get your Free Membership.
  • 3


    You will hear some of the great benefits to having a membership, and then confirm you are 18+.
  • 4


    That's it! You will be issued a new Free Female Membership to use anytime, anywhere.

How do I get started?

To find your local FonoChat number, you can enter your area code in the header at the top of this page and then hit Go (the arrow). Call the number shown for your local area - be sure to note the Free Trial Code. The voice prompts will guide you through the system.

How do I get help?

You can contact our customer services representatives (1-800-410-3535) any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're always available to help you.

Are the people on the system paid operators?

No, all of the people on the system are real people, just like yourself, from your own area. Our system helps you meet new people for talking, having fun and maybe falling in love with. Have fun and enjoy FonoChat!

Can I meet someone through the FonoChat website?

At the present time, we do not match people on our website. However, you can enter your telephone area code at the top of this page to get your local FonoChat number and Free Trial Code. Call FonoChat to talk to great Hispanic singles in your area.

Who uses FonoChat?

Lots of Hispanics from all over the US connect to FonoChat everyday. FonoChat is the Hottest Place to meet Hispanics.

I am calling long distance and I can't use my free trial membership. Why not?

To get the most out of your free trial membership you should call from the telephone you signed up from. Paid members had the advantage of using their membership for any phone.

How do I record my greeting?

After calling the line, the prompts will guide you through the steps. When recording your greeting, remember to speak clearly and directly into the phone. Describe yourself and the kind of person you're looking for.

How do I answer a message?

You can answer a message with another message or with a connection request. You can send message to as many people you want. We will let you know when someone answers you back. For a connection request you have to record a message, but once you send it, we will ask you to hold the line while the other person decides if he/she wants to connect with you.

What is the difference between a "message" and a "connection request"?

A "message" is a personal voice message that you record and send to a caller who catches your attention. Messages allow you to get to know other callers while still hearing the greetings of other callers on line. A "connection request" is a special type of message inviting a caller to join you in a private live conversation.

How much time do I have to record my greeting?

Your greeting can be up to 1 minute long. Which is enough time to talk about yourself and let others know what you are looking for. You can give additional information in the message.

What should I say in my greeting?

Your greeting should introduce you to others and get their attention. Most people describe themselves and the kind of person they would like to get to know. The best greetings are those that describe your personality, not just how you look. Remember that you can re-record your greeting anytime.

What do I do if I receive a message from a caller that I'm not interested in?

You can block the callers you're not interested in by pressing "7". Callers that you block will be unable to hear your greeting, and you will be unable to hear their greetings.

What do I do if I receive a message that I find really interesting?

When you receive a message from another member and you like the way they sound, you can instantly exchange private messages with them until you are ready to connect live for a totally private conversation.

What is not acceptable in a greeting?

We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience using our system. We will not tolerate any discrimination based on age, gender or race and we will not allow any references to illegal substances.

When is time deducted from my membership?

The system will inform you when time is deducted from your membership. Time is deducted from your membership after you have recorded your greeting and begin to hear the greetings of other callers in the Live Connector. Time is deducted from your membership on a per-minute basis. Memberships that are unused for a period of 30 days will be charged a 10-minute maintenance fee. Additionally, memberships that remain unused for a period of 3 months will be deactivated without refund.

What do I do if I forget or lose my membership number or passcode?

This number is as private to you as your bank PIN number. To protect yourself against fraudulent usage, call our friendly 24-hour toll-free customer service (1-800-410-3535) immediately. For your security, you will be asked to verify personal information.